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Bishop Luwalira’s Attacker was Mentally ill, Court

Mwanga 2 court has today set free one Herbert Solomon Kaddu 34 years who has been on charges of threatening to injure the Namirembe diocese Bishop Kityo Luwalira Benin in 2018.

Grade one magistrate Joel Wegoye acquitted Kaddu of charges of threatening violence and disturbing religious assemblies when he unlawfully entered Namirembe Cathedral and tried to attack the Bishop.

The magistrate ruled that Kaddu is mentally ill and cannot be criminally liable of his insanity despite having threatened to attack Bishop Kityo Luwalira.

However the magistrate ordered that Kaddu can not go home but must be kept at Luzira prison as a criminal lunatic until the minister of justice issues an order to determine whether he should be discharged or kept in a psychiatric home.

The magistrate relied on section 117 of the magistrates Act that he said bared him from passing sentence to such an accused. He also relied on evidence from Butabika hospital psychiatrist Dr. Irene Apio who testified that she has been treating Kaddu for Bipolar disorder; a condition Kaddu has suffered since 1998 during his primary Education.

While testifying in court, Dr. Apiyo said  that Kaddu gets episodes of excessive excitement, restlessness and irritation which makes him believe that he is a super being compared to others .

She also stated that Kaddu is still receiving treatment from Butabiika Hospital as an out-patient and medical documents of his condition were exhibited in court.

Dr Apiyo however told court that Kaddu had stabilized but relapsed in 2014 when his family decided to treat him using traditional means after falsely believing that he had supernatural spirits that prevent him from becoming rich.

Kaddu ‘s family had told court during the hearing of the case that  they told  police how their person  was indeed insane but  two police officers  disputed the claims on ground that Kaddu was mentally fit to stand trial.

However magistrate did not rely on their evidence since the said police officers failed to testify in court. Hearing of the case began in May 2018 and state was only able to present only one witness a church official who was among the persons who tackled Kaddu as he tried to attack the Bishop.

Herbert Solomon Kaddu a Tour and travel driver and a resident of Mackay Zone in Mengo Lubaga division was on the 4th of April 2017  charged with three counts of disturbing religious assemblies but  denied the charges and was remanded to luzira prison.

Prosecution alleged that on 1st of April 2017 during an Easter service at Namirembe Cathedral, Kaddu while armed with a stick and a sack cloth, threatened to attack Bishop Luwalira amidst the congregation.

The Bishop is said to have been miraculously saved by a bar at the alter which trapped Kaddu causing him to fall down and later whisked off by worshipers.


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