KCB Bank Properties Attached after Defrauding Client shs 400m in Fake House Sale

The High court of Uganda under execution division sitting in Kampala has order for the attachments of KCB bank Uganda Ltd properties over failing to pay money worth shs 400M which they are being demanded by a city businessman.
According to the warrant of attachment vide EMA No 2717 of 2018 arising from HCCs No 103 of 2014 seen and obtained by this website city businessman Sam Wabasa is ordered and commanded to attach the moveable property of the said judgment debtor (KCB Bank Uganda Ltd).

Warrant of attachment.

“ As set forth in schedule on the reverse hereof and which shall be pointed out to you by the defendant or his agent or advocates unless the said judgment pays you the said sum of shs 400M as aforesaid and your fees for attachment to sell by public auction”
According to our sources ,city businessman Wabasa paid money worth shs 400M to buy a house which was advertised by the same bank in papers adding that after paying money into their bank, they refused to give him his house until he dragged them to court.

Court bailiffs picking the first generator at KCB Bank head office. In purple shirt is KCB head of security looking helpless

The house in contention is located in Kyadondo on block 244 plot 2148 at Kisugu in Kabalagala a Kampala suburb.
After KCB Bank failed to pay back Wabasa his money and also refused to give him his house which he had paid for he went dragged the bank to high court Kampala in the execution division   last year.
Hearing of the case commenced and court passed a judgment in favor of Wabasa on 27th/ day/ March 2018.
The judgment was passed before his lordship Hon David Wangutusi and in the presence the plaintiff and his lawyer Mr Patrick Aunga and in the presence of the defendant’s counsel one Ms Owomugisha Immaculate.
“It’s hereby ordered that the defendant refunds shs 400M as the sum paid by the plaintiff for the purchase of the property comprised in Kyadondo block 244 plot 2148 at Kisugu and that the suit be set for down for determination of the remainder of the plaintiff to claim for his damages, interests and costs”.

Court judgment which was issued by Hon Justice David Wangutusi on 27th March 2018 ordering KCB Bank to refund city businessman Sam Wabasa.

However the KCB Bank undermined the high court order to refund Wabasa’s money until he went back to the same court and filed for attachment of the bank’s properties to get back his money something that court Okayed and issued a warrant of attachment.

New Beside Care Services Opened in Uganda

A new and first of its kind bedside care services have opened in Uganda.
Located along Kironde road in Muyenga Kampala, Trehas Bed Care Services which was officially launched yesterday Friday will be offering home care treatment and bedside care services to Ugandans in a move that will revolutionize the country’s heath system.
During the launch, Edwin Basoga the company’s business development director noted that this is aimed at helping many of the middle age and young generation can’t find time to help and take care of their sick parents and their elderly parents because of their full time work schedule.

Trahas Bedside care service professional care takers willing to serve you.

“Many of our middle age and young generation nowadays work full time yet they have elderly parents to look after, young children to care for, sick loved ones to comfort and a host of unemployed dependents with varying demands. Basoga said.
Mr Basoga adds “there is a need to have an independent professional and dedicated help from a known service provider to take care of them. That’s why we are here to take home care and bedside services closer to the said categories of people.”

He explains that Trahas comes in with an aim to bridge  this gap mostly by addressing five key aspects which include physical care, mental care, health care , nutritional care and any form of assistance that its care takers must handle while offering care services to its clients and affordable fee.
The director further narrated that Trahas Bedside Care Ltd targets families that are childless yet they don’t have children or immediate family members to look after them in their old age.

Trahas’ senior nursing officer Mrs Nakiyaga displaying some of the medical equipment for use

The company in addition to other specialized services offered by professional nurses and service care agents, it has an ambulance to quickly deliver clients to specialized health facilities.
“You don’t need to rush home in traffic jam to pick a loved one to a hospital when we are here. Mobility and quick delivery of our clients to specialized health facilities is what we have invested in heavily because when you hire our services, you rest assured that any time we can transport your loved ones to a health facility. “He added.

Trahas business development director Mr Basoga displaying some of the wheel chairs available for use to their clients

According to Mr Basoga, their nurses will be stationed to the client’s home full time at only affordable fee of shs 25,000/- per day.
Key care services offered by Trahas Bedside care include  bed bath, nursing care, patient feeding, physical fitness drills, timely drug administration, monitoring blood pressure , monitoring sugar levels, monitoring temperature levels, monitoring vital signs and changes, postnatal care like care to babies and mothers after delivery, care to Cesarean mothers after delivery among others.

Trahas Bedside care service offices located along Kironde road in Muyenga, Kampala

Muyenga/Kironde Road
CONTACTS: 0707400021/0707400018/0707400019
Visit: www.trahasbedsidecare.com
Email: trahasbedsidecare@gmail.com

UPDF Starts Production of Armored Warfare Vehicles

President of the Republic of Uganda and Commander in Chief of the UPDF His Excellency Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has commended the Uganda Peoples ‘Defence Forces Engineers for assembling armored military vehicles.
The President made the remarks at the commissioning of Nyoka Conversion Project in Magamaga Barracks in Mayuge District.
“Iam glad now after a long period of sleep, Africa is waking up because such work is a result of no sleep” Gen Museveni observed.
He added that” NYOKA” vehicles with a ballistic protection that can withstand a single anti -tank mine blast anywhere under the hull, are made from steel which Uganda has and that very soon a factory in Tororo will be making new steel from iron ore.
The President promised to look into the economies of making iron steel here as opposed to buying from Sweden.
He pledged to work tirelessly to see that other industries such as Luwero Industries can combine ideas for better output and form a bigger industry which can employ more Ugandans.
Impala Service and Logistics Limited of South Africa were commended for choosing to pattern with UPDF and the President urged them to maintain such a wonderful working relationship.
“When in the Bush, we had 100 mines from Libya but we used them to do much damage to the government. By the time we finished the landmines, we had finished the government”.
“Landmines had brought down the government of the Portuguese in Mozambique. Samora Michel used to say “the mine was the nuclear bomb of Africa”.
“After Nelson Mandela came to power in 1994 in South Africa, we learnt of these vehicles which were in two types; mambas and buffaloes.
“We also later learnt that the company making them was stopping production, which prompted me to direct that we take over the technology”.
The president says the good thing about armour is that it will be there for a long time and that only parts that grow old are the moving parts.
“That is how we developed the overhaul concept, the Nyoka vehicles. Ugandans are finally waking up. For an educated population like ours, these things are easy. It is simple physics and chemistry. Now that you are getting out of sleep, the sky is the limit” He says.
“These armored vehicles are made from steel. If we can add some alloy from the steel that will be made from the Tororo steel factory, we can make armored steel”.
At the same function the Chief of Defence Forces Gen David Muhoozi also commended the Commander in Chief for being such a guiding star for UPDF and doing a very commendable job towards the professionalization of the Army
“We have skilled our soldiers and we hope to upgrade” he said. The CDF also promised that the Army will soon construct a Marine.
I thank the UPDF for the initiative and Impala Company for working with our army in using this mine-resistant technology that had been initiated by the South African white army.