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City Tycoon Nabbed in Mobile Money Robberies

Police in Bweyogerere is holding one of the prominent city tycoons who has been swapping mobile money lines and later steal millions of shillings from agents’ phones.

The fraud star that is behind bars has been identified as Kamya David alias Ssozi Tony the proprietor of Massavu football club in Entebbe and a resident of Garuga a top rich Kampala suburb.

According to police investigators, Kamya owns several rentals in Garuga, Stella in Najjanankumbi, Kitubula, Namusera in Wakiso among others. Patrick Onyango the police spokesperson for Kampala metropolitan says Kamya has been robbing mobile money agents in areas of Entebbe Road, Wakiso, Kira, Kireka, Bweyogerere and Nansana.

“Kamya goes to a mobile money agent and pretends as if he wants to send some money and he gives in a wrong number later alone on the agent tells him that the number can not receive the money,” says Onyango. He added that he goes back to his car picks another wrong number and tells the agent to send on that line while he is copying the password of the agent.

“After mastering the password, he goes away and withdraws the entire float on agent’s line and later switches off his phones,” he says.

Mobile phones that were recovered at Kamya David alias Ssozi Tony’s house

Onyango added that Kamya has also been stealing agents’ phones by exchanging with his fake phones.

“At times he goes to the mobile money agents and sees the type of phone they are using and when transaction fails, he tells the agent to give him his phone and in that process he goes away with agent’s phone and leaves behind his fake phone but similar to agent’s phone,” added Onyango.

Police spokesperson says after he was arrested, police escorted him to his home for search, more than 50 phones were recovered, and more than 200 lines were found in his home. He added that after investigations, he will appear in courts of law on charges of theft, obtaining money by false pretence among others.



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