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CMI, Police Clash Over Nalukolongo Murder Investigations

A rift has erupted between Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and Criminal Investigations Department in Uganda Police over the Investigations of Nalukolongo murder where two people including UPDF soldier were shot dead, Spyreports has learnt.

Last Monday, two UPDF soldiers RA 235444 Pt Chebet Leonard and RA 237055 Pt Peter Okia while illegally guarding a construction site on orders of a UPDF Major shot dead Iga Gonzaga, a special hire driver whom it is alleged had a deal that went sour.

Security sources close to Okia told us that the trio and others entered into a multi-million deal and they trusted Iga Gonzaga to bring the returns (Money) since he had a lot of experience in business and in Kampala.

Sources say at around 3:00am, Gonzaga now the deceased, called Chebet and informed him how he was coming to brief them about their deal. Sources added Chebet who is also dead got excited because he knew he was going to get money.

Insiders say at around 4:00am, Gonzaga came and was received by Chebet. Gonzaga told Chebet that their multimillion deal went sour and no money was got. Sources added that Chebet, who was anxiously waiting for money got annoyed, picked his gun and shot Gonzaga twice and died on spot.

It is alleged that when Okia heard bullets, he thought thugs had attacked them and probably wanted to rob or grab a gun from Chebet. He came running but to his surprise, he found Gonzaga lying in the pool of blood.

When he asked Chebet why he shot Gonzaga he became annoyed and wanted to shoot him too. Insiders say Okia also lost his temper and shot dead Chebet. After finishing him, he went to Natete police station and reported the matter under file number SD 04/02/09/2019.

Two days after the incident, CMI officers came and requested for Okia. “I was at Office and a certain Lt Col from CMI came and asked me to handle over Okia and the file such that it can be handled at their headquarters in Mbuya,” a top CID officer who is part of investigations narrated to us.

He added that he also referred him to Director CID AIGP Grace Akullo. “Afande if you want Okia and the file just write to our CID Director and if she directs me to handle over the file and suspect to you, I will have no objection but without her orders I can not give anything,” the top detective replied.

Meanwhile police and army have again clashed on the killer guns. Our insiders from police say the two guns that were used in killing were not registered. “The killer guns did not belong to any of the security agencies and we wonder how UPDF officers on duty could use illegal guns,” another police officer said.

But during a phone interview with UPDF Spokesperson Brig. Richard Karemire on Wednesday evening confirmed that the Guns belonged to UPDF. “What I can tell you the guns that were used in killing belonged to UPDF and they were in the process of being registered,” he said.

Police re-visit murder scene

Meanwhile police has today morning revisited the murder scene in Nalukolongo to gather more evidence. Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango told spyreports that detectives went back to the murder scene and picked five cartridges of bullets to establish the killer guns.

“The cartridges will be taken to our forensic experts and we shall establish the killer guns and where they belonged,” said Onyango.




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