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Covid 19,Museveni bans public transport.

President Museveni has banned all public transport systems country wide in a bid stop the spread of Covid 19 disease. Museveni said that all taxis, coasters, passenger trains, tuku tukus and boda bodas carrying passengers have been suspended a period of 14days.

The only vehicles that will be moving will be private vehicles carrying not more than 3 people including the driver.
Trucks, lorries and vans that are delivering cargo will also be allowed to move. As long as they’re carrying food.

The President went ahead to give boda boda people other avenues of making money by advising them to carry goods from market to location.

Markets are to be for selling only foodstuffs. As he says it’s very difficult to maintain 4 meter distance between persons in markets.
Selling non food items, clothes, mobile phones, shoes, etc are suspended until further notice as this is to create space in the markets and maintain social distance.

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to still operate but work in intervals as District leaders have been advised to identify bodas which can deliver foods to the different areas. Museveni advised the citizens to do business, but using different means without too much over crowding.

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