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Entebbe Municipality Speaks Out on Controversial Land

The Entebbe Municipality has for the first time come out and speak about the Controversial land which has caused a serious rift between the town Clerk Charles Magumba and Hon Dr Alex Kamugisha the Proprietor of St Mary’s Hospital in Entebbe.

On Monday, Spyreports broke a story how a serious rift had erupted between Entebbe Town Clerk Charles Magumba and Dr Alex Kamugisha over the land. The land in contention is located at plot 10-12 Portal Road just next to Dr Kamugisha’s residential home.

Earlier alone, Dr Kamugisha had applied to Entebbe Municipality to have the land such that he can expand his St Mary’s Hospital to serve a larger Community and people coming and heading to the Airport since the place is on a highway.

However, to his surprise, Entebbe Municipality changed their plans to now set up a Library and resource Center that is now under Construction.

During an exclusive interview with Entebbe Town Clerk Charles Magumba and other top Members of Municipal Executive at Municipal offices in Entebbe, they revealed why Dr Kamugisha was not considered to take the land despite being one of the local investors in Entebbe Municipality.

“It is true Dr Kamugisha had shown interest in the land for various reasons but the Municipality was not selling the land,” said Town Clerk Charles Magumba during an interview. He added that Dr Kamugisha was not  the only one who had interest in that land but also several companies had the same.

Some of them include Meru Petrol Station which is just Opposite the land, a seating staff also wanted the same land, Craft people who are just neighbors and several individuals.

Magumba added that Municipality turned down the earlier decision of considering Dr Kamugisha for the land and passed a resolution to build the Library and resource Center considering for the number of people who had shown interest in the land.

“All the parties that wanted the land are actually neighboring it from different directions so to avoid conflict Municipality decided to put a government Library and resource center which will benefit everybody,” he says.

Magumba added that Municipality had allocated DR Kamugisha  a piece of land in Kitooro Market where he would expand his Health Facility but seems had no interest in the land.

“There is a new market in Kitooro and there is a health center so we thought Dr Kamugisha would expand his Hospital and Municipality gave him the first opportunity,” he says.

Magumba further narrates that Municipality is soon setting up a multi-billion commercial building to where Library, resource Center, Division 1 offices and parking yard seat. “The Municipality is in the last process of disposing some land after court decision and the money will be used to construct the Commercial building where we shall generate local revenue,” he says adding that Municipality is lacking local revenues.

He added that for the mean time, Division 1 and parking yard would shift to the Municipality. The municipality allocated one floor on the commercial building for Division 1 Offices.


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