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FAIRWAY HOTEL. Journey from One Star Hotel to Five Star Hotel

Fairway Hotel is one of the most excellent, clean, attractive and pocket friendly hotels in Kampala and Uganda at large. It is located at plot 1 Kafu Road in Nakasero Kampala District.  It is managed by Jaffer Family of Indian Origin but with deep Ugandan roots. Fair way hotel started way back in 1960 as a single hotel and has survived despite some political Changes.

On Tuesday during an exclusive interview with one of the top Managers of the hotel Anthony Sifuma who is in charge of food and beverages says the hotel is transforming from single hotel to five star hotel. “We are working hard to ensure by the end 0f 2020, Fairway Hotel is among the five star hotels in Uganda,” Sifuma says during an interview.

Anthony Sifuma, food and beverages Manager Fairway hotel

He added that the hotel has expanded and more rooms have been created to meet the standards of a five star hotel. “The rooms which we initially had have been renovated to the level of a five star hotel,” he states. He added that they have also created executive rooms for VVIP. He says guests who book executive wing have free hotel services like free internet, food, newspapers among others. “We have 20 rooms which are under renovation and by next year they will be complete,” says the Manager adding that the hotel will be having over 100 rooms ready for accommodation and with lifts inside.

Mr.Sifuma further reveals that Fairway hotel is now leading when it comes to foreign guests meaning the hotel is contributing a lot to tourism industry in Uganda. “Most of our foreign guests come from America, Sweden, Holland Kenya among others and we have them on daily basis,” he says.

He also states that the hotel has also attracted the attention of local Guests. “We also host local guests who spend nights, government functions are also held here a sign of joining five start hotels,” he added.

The Manger also said the hotel now prepares food for all types of people ranging from local food, Indian food, American among others. “Fairway hotel is leading when it comes to Indian food and even the local people have enjoyed Indian food. It is so delicious,” he says.

Sifuma says the local meal like Chicken Luwombo, meat and G.nut Luwombo, Kigere, Nice Katogo, Matoke among others have also attracted the foreign people because they are prepared nicely. “We don’t prepare pork at fairway hotel which makes our customers enjoy our food with no doubt,” he states.

He says the hotel offers lunch business express to customers in just 10 minutes. “If a customer for lunch business express and we don’t deliver in 10 minutes, the hotel pays back your money,” he says adding they also have Jumia orders where customers order food online.

The Manager during the Interview added that the hotel has a good-looking Gym, swimming pool spa and green environment, which has attracted many Guests. He added that the hotel also provides free transport for International guests who book online from Airport.

He added that the hotel also offers gardens for local people to make parties like weddings, birthday, graduations, end of year parties among others and a relatively fair price.

The Manager also says the hotel gives discounts on rooms on weekends and also has happy hour discount on food and beverages daily from 4:30 to 6:30pm.


Sifuma says the hotel will be giving discounts to customers who will book early in this coming festival. He added that the hotel will provide live band, live DJS Christmas day. He also says there will be free swimming pool for children, bouncing castles among others. “We encourage people, companies to come and cerebrate with fairway hotel this festival season because our services will be great and at a reduced prices,” he says

However, Samson Ombogo the general Manger says despite changing from single hotel to five-star hotel, they still face some challenges that include over taxation. “We ask government to give us some tax holidays such that we can give services to Ugandans,” he says.

He further says they face the challenge of competition among other hotels. “The hotel industry is a fast growing economy and this has forced hotels to cut their prices in order to get customers yet the taxes remain high,” he says.





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