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Gen Muhoozi Grills Top Police Chiefs Over Increased City Murders and Robberies

By our reporter

Chief of defense forces (CDF) Gen David Muhoozi yesterday evening grilled top police commanders, heads of intelligence departments and criminal investigators over the increased murders, robberies, kidnaps in the country with the highest numbers being in the city center.

While meeting all police chiefs of Kampala metropolitan area Gen Muhoozi wondered why crimes have escalated especially in the center where man power has been increased and CCTV cameras installed.

“Why are crimes especially robberies, murders and kidnaps increasing in the city center where most of you operate from,” angry Muhoozi asked police chiefs.

Our spies who attended the meeting however were shocked when KMP Commander Kafeero could not answer questions raised by CDF and his team which left them wondering.

“Do we have a working intelligence directorate and operations directorate here in police?,” Furious Muhoozi again asked police chiefs adding that why are police officers involved in these high profile crimes especially  of kidnaps, robberies.

Gen Muhoozi listed over 10 people who have been killed and robbed in the last one month by armed thugs in only Kampala area saying that police has been infiltrated by criminals who work with their officers a vice that needs to be handled immediately.

Our spies also told us how Gen Muhoozi informed all police commanders that no operation should be carried out without informing the army adding that the army has deployed senior officers from the rank of major to all police divisions in Uganda and all DPC’s will be reporting direct to them before any operation is carried out. Gen Muhoozi added that the order was issued by high command which sat recently.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni appointed four UPDF officers to serve as directors of Human Resource Administration, Human Resource Training and Development, Crime Intelligence and Chief of Joint Staff respectively.

However Polly Namaye the deputy police mouth piece said that Gen Muhoozi’s discussion rotated around enhancing intelligence led operations, targeted deployment and patrols.

Polly added that other key issues deliberated included human rights observance and respect, fighting drug abuse, profiling of unknown criminals and community policing.

The meeting was attended by deputy police chief, Maj Gen Sabiti Muzeyi, Police directors, Regional, Division and station commanders in the Kampala metropolitan area.





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