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Hand Over Office or Face Arrest- IGP Ochola Orders Bangirana

The Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola has directed the embattled Director of engineering and Logistics AIGP Godfrey Bangirana to hand over office today or he faces arrest, spyreports has exclusively learnt.

Reliable sources close to Police chief revealed to us that when Court Ordered Bangirana to vacate office on 18th November IGP Ochola instructed his Deputy Maj.Gen Sabiit Muzeyi to witness the hand over of Bangirana and he also make a hand over report.

Insiders in Police told us that Gen.Sabiit Muzeyi called Bangirana to prepare his hand over report and later tell him the day he would hand over office to his deputy. “Ever since Gen.Sabiit asked Bangirana to prepare hand over report, he has been playing hide and seek games and refused to give him the specific day,” a source says.

Police Sources say Bangirana has been running up and down to have his contract renewed but all in vain. “Bangirana has been making several calls to top security chiefs, some members from first family to help and convince members seating on Police Authority to have his contract renewed while still in office,” another security source added.

Police sources say on Monday the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola asked his Deputy Maj.Gen Sabiit Muzeyi if Bangirana had handed over office to his deputy but to his shock Sabiit told him How Bangirana had escaped and switches off his phones some times.

“Sir I instructed Bangirana to prepare his hand over report and chooses the day when he will hand over office to his deputy but ever since he has never replied and some times his phones are always off,” a source quoted Gen Muzeyi telling IGP Ochola.

Sources based at Naguru told us that the tough Ochola picked his phone call and called Bangirana and ordered him to hand over office not later than Thursday or he faces arrest. “I have instructed you to follow court orders and hand over office to your deputy not later than Thursday or else I will order for your arrest,” another source quoted Ochola fuming to troubled Bangirana.

“On July 16, 2019, the contract of  AIGP Godfrery Bnagirana  expired and was directed by the Inspector General of Police to hand over as his continued stay would raise several queries from the public service,” reads the court document alleging that Bangirana did not handover office. Instead, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of internal affairs reportedly directed his stay.

Bangirana is one of the four directors whose contracts are pending renewal by the appointing authority. Other directors among them the director of welfare, traffic and the director for fire and rescue services.

Early this week, while meeting members of parliament on the defence and internal affairs committee on Tuesday, the Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj Gen Sabiiti Muzeyi said that they will abide by the court order, but they were only following internal system to do it.

The State Minister for Internal Affairs Obiga Kania said AIGP Bangirana had applied for a renewal of his contract and the application was still under review.

On November 18, Justice Henrietta Wolayo while giving a ruling said the order shall stay in force until the main case is determined in which AIGP Bangirana is accused of holding the office illegally. The judge however did not issue any order blocking Police Authority to renew his contract.






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