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I am a Lesbian-Bad Black Speaks Out

Kampala reknown thigh vendor Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black has finally confirmed that she is currently attracted to fellow women than men like she has publicly announced before.

Bad Black disregards continuous years of sexual starvation by substituting men with fellow women. Through her social media handles, Mama Jonah proudly claims she has bi-sexual since childhood.

The city socialite confirmed that sleeping with fellow women has given her a new level of sexual pleasure she had never experienced before.

The ex-convict penned down a post on her Twitter account explaining her reasons for coming outside the closet.

“Have tried keeping it as a secret but I won’t die nga all women are getting married so day i happily come out to inform you about my gender that am a #Gay meaning am a #Lesbian have always been a bisexual since childhood and its not a joke ndi musiyazi.”

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