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Indian Engineer Murdered in Sudhir’s Hotel

By our Reporter

Police detectives attached to Central Police Station (CPS) Kampala are on the ground investigating the circumstances under which an Indian Engineer was murdered at Speke Hotel in Kampala, Spyreports has exclusively learnt. The Hotel is owned by embattled city tycoon Sudir Rupaleria.

The murdered engineer has been identified as Anantha Narayam Ramesh 53 years, an Indian National who has been working with MAHINDRA CONSULTING ENGINEERS COMPANY in India.

According to police detectives who visited the scene of crime, they found the body of Anantha Narayam Ramesh lying in hotel room number 101 on Saturday morning. “The body was lying facing up and vomits were coming from the mouth, nose and some clotted blood was coming from the ears and eyes,” said one of the detectives.

“We highly suspect that the deceased could have been poisoned because all the signs of the dead body indicated poisoning,” says another detective adding the medical report will tell the reality.

“What I can assure is that this man was not strangled or murdered using sharp objects because we did not find any bruises on his body,” added another investigator.

However when interviewed some workers at the hotel as to what could have killed the Engineer they said his death shocked them.

“We are still wondering who could have killed this Engineer. On Friday we were with him in the night having fun here. He left us past mid night heading to his room for resting,” said one of the female workers who requested us not to reveal her particulars.

She added that they were surprised when they saw police officers on Saturday morning storming the hotel and picking his body.

Luke Owoyesigire the deputy public relations officer Kampala metropolitan told us that Ramesh came to Uganda 0n 05th /05/2019 at around 2:30 pm for his company work and that he was supposed to go back on 11th /05/2019 at exactly 5:00 pm.

However his body was found lying inside his hotel room in the morning of his last day in the country where he had stayed for over a week.

Luke Owoyesigire added that police was called in immediately and picked the body from the room and took it to mulago for postmortem.

The police mouth piece told us that Preliminary postmortem report indicates that blood clot was found inside his lungs adding that the full report will be availed anytime after it has been successfully concluded.

Luke also said that police reordered statements of various workers of the hotel but couldn’t reveal their names and identities adding that police is in touch with family members and relatives of the deceased both in Uganda and India to see how to take back the body home for burial.

This is not the first time foreigners are murdered in Ugandan Hotels under unclear circumstances. Last year in February Finnish and Swedish Nationals were murdered under unclear circumstances at Pearl of Africa Hotel commonly known as Aya hotel and Sheraton hotel respectively.




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