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La Paroni Bar Rubbishes Sheila Gashumba’s threats

La Paroni bar rubbishes Sheila Gashumba’s claims that have been making rounds on social media stating that the bar posted her picture for commercial benefits.

The bar confirms that Lil Stunner approved the taking of pictures since its a policy of the in-house photographer to seek the customer’s permission before taking the picture. The photographer claims to have gotten Sheila’s consent before taking the picture which can be vividly noticed in the image since the complainant was clearly posing.

La Paroni bar and restaurant

La Paroni press release states that the bar uploads hundreds of pictures of different customers and celebrities and we do not intend to use Miss  Sheila’s picture in any way, not in an advertising or print materials nor to promote any specific product.

The bar popularly known for Sunday Fun day dismisses claims that state

“By entering our premises you consent to interviews, photography, audio recording, video recording and their release, publication and exhibition or reproduction of news, webcasts, promotion purposes, telecast advertising, inclusion on websites or any other services by La Paroni Ltd and its affiliates and representatives.”

This comes after the popular Style Project presenter sued the bar for posting third party pictures. Sheila says that she raised her concerns to La Paroni management to take down the pictures which they did after two days.


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