Late Barbra Zalwango Was Poisoned, UBA Bank Bosses in Spotlight

New information has emerged surrounding the death of late Barbra Zalwango a former worker with the United Bank of Africa.
Police mouthpiece for Kampala metropolitan Luke Owoyesigire says a medical report from Government Analytical laboratory confirmed that Zalwango died of poison.
Owoyesigire added that police is still investigating all the allegations surrounding Zalwango’s death to ensure that justice prevails on her side.
However, an independent source at the CID says detectives are trying to find out UBA Bank officials immediately closed her account after getting information that she had just disappeared.
Detectives are also trying to establish why UBA bank did not wait for Zalwango to be buried and managed to get a replacement in shortest time possible.
“We are interested in finding out why the bank management was rushing with its radical decisions. Ideally when your employee dies at least you wait for that person to be buried but for UBA it was as if they had prepared for her replacement even when we had not discovered her body.” one the investigators intimated to us.
It is also alleged that the management did not send condolences to help in the burial arrangements of its staff and that condolences messages were not given during her send off.
It is alleged that the deceased who was in charge of anti-fraud department had developed a misunderstanding with his senior bosses over a deal gone bad worth hundreds of millions of shillings.
The bosses were subsequently grilled at Central police station and later released in the evening shortly after her burial.
Zalwango’s body was found in one of the gardens in Katwe village in Nakisinga sub-county in Mukono district.
Mulangira Kyanabakka, Zalwango’s grandfather said a bottle and a knife were found next to the body.
Zalwango, a resident of Entebbe in Wakiso district had disappeared in the evening of October 7.

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