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LOVE WINS: Julie Angume’s Groom Shows Up For Their Second Kwanjula

Singer Julie Angume, commonly known as Julie Heartbeat over the weekend squashed off rumors that her relationship was on the rocks after her groom, Samuel Sekajjugo Musoke finally showed up physically to be introduced to her parents in a new private Kwangula ceremony.

Last year in December, Sekajjugo failed to turn up for their luxurious kwanjula because his employer denied him permission to travel back to the country. In that case, the Singer was forced to go head with the ceremony in the absence of the groom.

This sparked numerous rumors and mixed opinions about Julie’s decision to introduce a framed photo of Sekajjuko at the ceremony which took place in Kiboga.

During the weekend, Julie’s fiance, came in person to put a ring on her finger. The ceremony took place indoors and was witnessed by a few family members and friends.

Sekajugo wore a white traditional kanzu coupled with a dark brown velvet coat with gold designs.

While Julie looked lovely in a cream gomesi with gold designs tied with a dark brown sash with gold designs for the first round. She changed into white and royal blue Mushanana designed with pearl jewellery.

Before hooking up with Sekajugo, Julie had been widowed after the demise of her late husband Martin Angume, who passed away in 2013.

It was in 2018 when the singer started having a long-distance relationship with Sekajjugo who lives and works in the Netherlands.

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