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M7 Appoints New LDU Commander In Kampala

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who also doubles as the Commander In Chief of Armed Forces has appointed Col Mike Walaka Hyeroba as the new Commander for LDU in Kampala, spyreports has learnt.

The appointment of Col Mike was announced by UPDF spokesperson Brig. Gen.Karemire Richard on his twitter.
Sources in military say President Museveni appointed Col Mike after holding a security meeting with top Security chiefs that Included CDF Gen David Muhoozi.

Sources added that Gen Muhoozi earlier today met three women who were recently tortured by LDU in Kampala while vending their food staffs. During the meeting,Gen Muhoozi apologised to women for what LDU did to them and promised to take their issues to President Museveni.

Insiders say during the meeting,Gen Muhoozi told President Museveni how LDU officers have become a problem to people in Kampala. Sources say President Museveni later appointed Col Mike to control and Command Brutal LDUs in Kampala.

“All operations of LDUs in Kampala must be controlled by Col Mike who will also report to CDF Gen Muhoozi and Commander First Division Maj.Gen Kawaga,” a source quoted President Museveni during the meeting.

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