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M7 Graces UPDF Thanks Giving

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who also doubles as the Commander in Chief has today graced the UPDF thanks giving that was held at Kololo Airstrip in Kampala.

President Museveni who arrived after a heavy down pour  was dressed in white long shirt and black trouser.
He was ushered by Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon Jacob Aulanya, CDF Gen David Muhoozi, Maj Gen Sabiit Muzeyi and other Ministers.

President Museveni during his short speech said he was surprised to see that there are some people in Military.
“I thought military is full of Bakafire but since there are people who fear God in Military that is good for us,”he said.

He added that he was the president of Scripture Union in 1965 and abandoned after developing conflicts with leaders and ever since he reduced going to the church.
President also told the crowd that God helped him survive assassination by Amin in 1973 in Gulu with Late Aria Kategaya.

“I and Kategaya had gone to Awere to do some underground work and met Sgt Lino Okwiya and held the meeting,”he said.
He added that during the meeting they wanted to involve one Latigo who was an informer of Amin and deserter.

President Museveni says he refused to attend the meeting with Latigo.
He says after the meeting, he and Kategaya drove back to Kampala. “When we reached Kalenge primary school, Kategaya knocked the sheep and the radiator got damaged so we could not proceed to Kampala,”he says adding God had planned it.

He adds that they hid their car behind the school building to avoid attracting people.
He says Latigo who was chased away from the meeting informed Amin that Museveni was in Gulu and went back to Kampala so a road block was staged.

They then went back to Gulu and hired a lodge.
“When we were in the lodge an agent of Amin came asked the lodge supervisor if we were in the lodge and he said no,”says Museveni adding that at around 10pm Okwiya brought the min bus and drove them to Kampala.

President Museveni says some Amin killers stormed Bugolobi flats where Kategaya was staying jumped the fence and went straight to where Kategaya was sleeping and found when he was not there.
“If they had found him he was going to be killed,”he added.

He says shortly Kategaya came and his askari told him how some people jumped the fence and looked for him.
“If we were not with God, Kategaya would not have knocked the sheep and our car would not have got damaged and we would have died in an ambush,”he said.

He says he does not need people like Pastor Kayanja ,Arch Bishop even Pope to tell him about God.
President Museveni left shortly and appointed Aulanya as Acting President to finish the function.

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