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President Yoweri Museveni who doubles as commander in chief has issued a tough warning to all officials who have made it a habit to extort money from his visitors before they are allowed to meet him,this website has learnt.

Museveni’s tough and sound  warning followed the intelligence reports he got while at his farm in Kisozi Gomba district that some of his ADCS  demand shs 5m from his guests before they access him.

You people I have got my intelligence information on how you sell me by asking shs 5M from people before they see me,” angry Museveni told his staff.

The President added “I will personally deal with anybody who extorts money from my people before they see me,” he said adding that people must not pay money to see him. “There is no need for people to pay money to the President. I offer services to my people at a free cost,” sounded President Museveni.

President also told his officers how it is his duty to meet and solve each and every Ugandan issues at a free cost because he swore to serve all Ugandans without discrimination.

“who gave you orders to extort money from people before they access my services,” tough Museveni was heard grilling some of his ADCS.

“ I went to the bush to fight for freedom,corruption,extortion and I don’t need any money from people to see me,” said tough Museveni adding that all those bad habits must stop with immediate effect.

Last year president Museveni also warned his ministers who had also taken it as a habit of extorting money from his  investors.

President acted positively when he ordered for the arrest and prosecution of his former Minister Micheal Kabafunzaki after receiving shs 5m bribe from Hilton Hotel boss at serena hotel.

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