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M7 Re-deploys Gen.Kayihura

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who also doubles as the Commander In Chief of the armed forces has re-deployed the troubled former Inspector General of Police Gen.Kale Kayihura after two years on katebe, spyreports has exclusively established.

Reliable security sources revealed to us that the Kayihura’s re-deployment was agreed in the recent security meeting that was held at President Museveni’s County home in Rwakitura Kiruhura District, western Uganda.

Sources say the meeting was attended by top security chiefs including Gen.Kayihura. Insiders in security added that President Museveni accepted to redeploy Gen.Kayihura despite having cases in the General Military Court Martial.

Insiders in Security say President Museveni re-deployed Gen.Kayihura in president’s office in the department of welfare. “Wind up what you are doing, you will resume office in January,” a security source quoted the President telling Gen.Kayihura adding that Kayihura later stood up gave a strong salute with a deep smile on his face.

Two months ago, Government spokesperson Ofono Opondo visited the troubled Gen.Kayihura on his  farm at his home in Kashagama in Lyantonde District and their pictures circulated to social media. “it is most likely that Ofono Oponda had known  about Gen Kayihura’s deployment and  was delivering him good news,” a security source from Presidents office told us.

Sources added that other people on the list of bouncing back after or before 2021 elections include John Patrick Amama Mbabazi the former Prime Minister, Secretary General of NRM and security Minister,Gen David Sejusa for intelligence Chief, Henry Tumukunde former security Minister, Jim Muhwezi for Member of Parliament for Rujumbura in Rukungiri District among others.


Gen Kale Kayihura came into lime light in 2005 after he was appointed Inspector General of Police replacing Gen.Edward Katumba Wamala. He was at the rank of Maj. General, which is the third highest rank in UPDF.

Gen.Kayihura is considered as the long serving Inspector General of Police in the History of Uganda. During his early regime in office, he was liked and praised by President Museveni and made him so popular and strong among other security chiefs. He used to assign him sensitive roles in government and security.

Gen Kayihura faced a lot of challenges in Kampala during his term of office like Buganda riot in 2009 when the Kabaka of Buganda was denied to visit Kayunga. More riots emerged in Kampala where people lost their lives and properties worth billions of shilling were destroyed. He also faced a challenge of walk to work which was full of demonstration among other riots. Besides all the Challenges, Gen Kayihura played a very big role in 2011 and 2016 General elections.


Gen.Kala’s downfall started after 2016 general elections when he started sidelining police officers, gave police powers to civilians and crime preventers like Kamugisha Blaise, Abdullah Kitatata, Sebina among others.

It is alleged that Gen.Kayihura transferred police fuel from police officers and gave it to the  civilians mentioned who ended up selling it to public. Kayihura also created crime preventers with the aim of controlling crimes across the Country but majority ended up committing several crimes in their respective areas of operations.

It is alleged that several police chiefs compiled reports addressed to the president for action. Sources say the President verified all of them and found some evidences.

He later sacked Gen Kayihura in March 2018 and replaced by his Deputy Martin Okoth Ochola. Then in June 2018, Gen.Kayihura was arrested.  He was picked from his home in Kashagama in Lyantode District by deputy Chief of Defence Forces Lt Gen Wilson Mbaddi in UPDF Chopper, which landed at Kololo.

He was first taken to Mbuya UPDF headquarters and later transferred to Makindye Military barracks where he was detained for more than two months. He later appeared in Court martial where several cases were read against him but denied all of them.

On August 24th Gen Kayihura was released on bail after several security meeting were held. He presented sureties that include Lt Gen  James Mugira, Maj Gen Kavuma Samuel, MP Entebbe Municipality among others.






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