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Mafias In Police Swindled Our Covid19 Allowances- Police Officers Cry Foul

More than 20000 police officers both seniors and other ranks are shading buckets of tears and cursing the group of mafias who have penetrated the Uganda Police after their Covid19 allowances were swindled, Spyreports has exclusively established.

Recently Police through the office of Joint Chief of Staff headed by Gen Bakashumba released close to Shs 3 Bn as allowances for police officers who tirelessly worked to fight Covid19.

According to the police message which Spyreports got a copy, officers were to earn shs 12000 daily for 14 days while other ranks were given Shs 11000 per day for also 14 days.Meaning officers were to earn around shs 168000 while other Ranks were to pocket close to shs 150000 respectively.

However to Officers surprise, none of the above categories earned even half of the money.

“We are really of shocked when our bosses ordered us to sign for only 70,000 and 40,000 for 14 days respectively yet we expected more than that,” says a senior police officer attached to Kampala Metropolitan Police.

He added that when they asked to know when the balance is coming they were told that there is no balance.

“Officers the money you get is allowance for Covid19 for 14 days and expect no balance. Those who can’t accept don’t sign,” a source quoted one of the police bosses saying.

Officers told us that they are tired of Mafias in the Force when it comes to money.

“Few weeks ago the same Mafias swindled our fuel and sold it to public, we complained but up to now no signs of investigations, now the allowances follow the same channel, we are tied,” another high ranking police officer was heard fuming in the police corridors after he was given peanuts.

” I expected this Covid19 money to help me pass through IDD this weekend and now what I have been given cannot satisfy my one family yet I have two wives,” says Another senior Police officer attached to FFU.

He added that they thought Mafias had stopped with the regime of Kale Kayihura.

“When the President sacked Kayihura in 2018 we all jubilated knowing that Kawukumi and Mafias in police ended not knowing that more of them were brought in,” he says.

Another Officer said those who work hard are rewarded by peanuts while those who do less or nothing eat Lion’s share because they are connected to Mafias.

” I can assure you that corruption will never end in police because the institution is ran by Mafias who claim to be good people,” he says.

He added that when you go to police Sacco, you can’t get your savings because of mafias, now when we work to earn our allowances it is also swindled by Mafias. We now regret why we joined this Corrupt force.

However insiders in Police told us last night that Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola has also been informed that Covid19 allowances have been swindled however with less facts and has now ordered for investigations.

A Source also revealed that by the end of last week, the number of complaints had reached 700 but it jumped to more than 1,000 by Wednesday this week.

“Several officers are complaining that they are being told to sign half of what they are supposed to get. Others say they haven’t received the money yet it is more than a week since the allowances were delivered at various stations. This is why IGP has ordered for an impromptu probe by PSU,” a source revealed.

Dr Moses Byaruhanga, the director police medical services, says that have received several complaints and a probe is underway. Professional Standards Unit (PSU) is commanded by assistant commissioner of police ACP Sarah Kibwika.

Byaruhanga whose 428 health workers are involved in the national task force, warned that action will be taken against division and district police commanders for swindling the allowances.

Uganda police force received a supplementary budget of Shs 37 billion to cater for COVID-19 expenses which include allowances for police officers, procuring gloves, fuel, food and masks. Even though the latest figures indicate police force’s numbers at 41,760, Bakasumba released allowances for only 25,977 people.

According to Bakasumba’s statement, some of the police units show all their officers incorporated in the joint security task force. For instance, Counter-Terrorism’s entire force of 4,483 was involved in COVID-19 operations, followed by Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) with 1,150 officers, 999 Patrol Unit with 289 and Air Wing with 36 personnel.

Counter-terrorism took the biggest share of the allowances with Shs 496.9 million, Kampala North region Shs 193.9 million, Rwenzori East region Shs 146.5 million, ASTU with Shs 126.7 million, while Greater Masaka region took Shs 120 million.

When contacted Police spokesperson for KMP Patrick Onyango he said a message was sent to all units in order for the allowances issue to be transparent as possible.

“Officers to get Shs 12,000 and other ranks Shs 11,000 for ten days. The money was for those who directly policed the covid-19 activities. It was not for each and every staff member.It was for a purpose and not a cash bonanza.” he said

He adds that “police headquarters made things very easy to the officers who were supposed to give it by sending a Police message to all units specifying the total number of officers and other ranks who are to get the allowance per Station, per Division, per district per Region and per unit. The figures are very clear.”

“However, if there is any complaint in regard to the allowances, there are very many avenues that individual officers can use to channel his or her complaints and it will be addressed accordingly.” he added.

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