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Mechanic Commits Suicide over Cheating Woman

Police in Sembabule are investigating circumstances under which a mechanic killed himself after finding his body lying on the bed.

The deceased has been identified as Hiriza Bbaale, 20 years of age a muganda by tribe and a resident of Mateete town council in sembabule district.

Greater Masaka police spokesperson Asp Kanganve Paul says that police was called in by Mateete residents after discovering Bbaale’s body lying on his bed inside the house alone.

“Our police officers were called by the deceased’s friends after finding his body lying on the bed alone inside his house,” said Kanganve. He added that police took the body to the hospital for postmortem report which showed that he had taken poison.

Bbaale’s close friends narrate that he was in a relationship with a woman who visited his place multiple times. However, recently the deceased established information that his girlfriend was cheating on him with another man.

“Bbaale told us last week that he caught his woman with another man who is also a mechanic in Sembabule adding that he was in a process of either leaving her unless she changes on her manners,” deceased’s friends added

Kanganve says that police has opened a case of suicide vide CRB190/2019 of sembabule and investigations are on going to establish what exactly led to his death.

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