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Miss World Organizers Ban Miss Ukraine, Veronika Didusenko For Being a Single Mother

Veronika Didusenko, 24, was crowned Miss Ukraine in 2018 but was replaced four days later when it was discovered that she had been divorced and has a son.

In the Miss World Finals, she should have represented her country but was banned and replaced by another candidate.

After she was banned because she was a mum, a beauty queen takes legal action against Miss World contest.

Veronika claims that bosses of the UK-owned Miss World franchise have violated the Equalities Act 2010 hence petitioning that they amend their “outdated” entry rules.

She said: “It was really humiliating when I was disqualified. I was very upset. I had to hand back the title, the crown and prize money.

“I couldn’t believe they would do such a thing in this day and age.

“Why does having a son and being previously married disqualify me? It’s shocking.”

Veronika, who travels to modelling jobs with son Alex, five, added: “I can’t believe these rules still exist. They are archaic. I think they are breaching equalities laws.”

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