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Museveni Clarifies On The Lock Down

President Museveni has cleared the air on the confusion caused by the lockdown that he announced on Monday as one of the ways to combat coronavirus.

Following the directive, a number of people complained that there was confusion surrounding the implementation of the measures announced prompting the president to clear the air in another address.

“Last night after my address, my social media team informed me there were a number of areas public wanted clarified. One of the points was that I had left supermarkets open for food but not allowing private cars. People were asking how they will get to supermarkets,” Museveni said.

He insisted that private cars will not be allowed because they aid in the spread of the virus but and had also been used by people as black markets for charging people exorbitantly after the ban on public transport means.

“The reason we don’t want cars is that many had transformed them into taxis . They were building black market around business of private cars yet we wanted movement of people minimized. “

“In Kampala and upcountry towns there are many supermarkets in many of the suburbs and where there are no supermarkets, there are shops. Don’t drive, just walk either to nearest supermarket or shop.”

He said that those who want to pick goods can send boda bodas, bicycles and trucks to pick them but not using their private vehicles.

Museveni also ordered police with immediate effect to impound vehicles that were found moving by 10pm people were complaining that they had not been given enough time to prepare.

He has directed police to release the impounded vehicles after his directive.
“If you impounded any vehicles because of that ambush, I give them amnesty. The police was right, the people were right and I was also right. Since we are all right, you get back your vehicles.”

He said he made the order because people would panic to run to villages which would be suicidal because this could have caused the spread of the virus to upcountry areas.

On the curfew, the president said it begins at 7pm and ends at 6:30pm as one of the ways to deal with criminals who might take advantage of the situation to terrorise members of the public.

“It started today(Tuesday) and not yesterday at 7pm and ends at 6:30 am because it is dark during that time and we don’t wanted curfew to be lifted when there is no light and criminals take advantage. Anyone moves at night, they do it at their own risk,”Museveni said.

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