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Namirembe Guest House Collapse Deepens, Deceased had gone for shs 370m Deal

Fresh information and shocking secrets of two people who died after the collapse of Namirembe Guest house have finally leaked to spyreports. Albert Nkabahita and Stella Jorobo were found dead after the collapse of the guest house.

However the friends to the deceased have informed us that the pair had gone to the guest house to finalize a gold deal worth USD 100,000. “Albert told me that he had a fat deal with a lady and it will be sealed at Namirembe guest house,” a close pal to Albert told us.

Albert Nkabahita one of the deceased

He added that Albert had earlier told that if the deal goes through, he will have to build his own house and buy a new vehicle. “Albert used to make his deals at Millennium chambers along Entebbe road but this time around he told us he has to change the place because the lady never wanted to be seen in public,” another friend revealed to us.

Our sources further said Stella had been recruiting and exporting Ugandans to work abroad. We have also been informed Stella had just come from Luzira prison where she spent two months on gold related issues.

Stella Jorobo

When asked some staff at Namirembe Guest house, they said the pair had finished the meeting and yet to leave the place.

“These two people spent here like three hours. When they reached, they ordered for some eats and drinks as they were discussing,” said one of the workers at the guest house.

He added that after their meeting which lasted for close to three hours, they paid and as they were leaving, it started raining. “When it started raining, hey again took their seats and the lady asked for more tea since it was cold,” added the worker.



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