Court orders KMP CID Commander, Commissioner Economic Crimes and Others to Refund Stolen Suspect’s Money


Resident State Attorney Nakawa court  Annet Ddungu has ordered Kampala metropolitan  CID Commander Sp Bernard  Muhumuza,  Acting Commissioner Economic Crime  SP Gimei Topher and other officers  of Jinja road Police station to refund the suspect’s stolen  money worth shs 4,810,000M  which was kept as an exhibit as he served his sentence in prison.

In a letter from RSA Nakawa court Annet Ddungu dated 05th Jan 2021 and addressed to OC CID Jinja Rd police, under the ref

RE: Nakawa- Co-0010/2021,

Jinja Rd CRB 021/2021

No.315579 D/SGT Wasajja Karoli


The above subject matter refers that, the charges of theft under file number CRB021202 was sanctioned on 04th January 2021.


RSA Annet however says that the charged officer has revealed the list police officers that were his bosses at that time and who took the money from his office saying they would return back but have since failed.

“It has been brought to my attention   that the money in question was borrowed from the store by a number of police officers a practice that I strongly condemned,” reads part of the letter written by Rsa Nakawa Annet Ddungu.

RSA added that the suspect showed her a proof document of a receipt by various police officers while signing for the said money from the exhibit stores and that they never brought back the money.

“The suspect has availed me with documentary evidence of proof of receipt by various police officers,”Rsa’s letter further reads.

“In this regard, you are directed to summon the following officers and recover the monies taken by themselves from the police stores and they should all make statements and the same attached on the police record,”Rsa writes to OC CID Jinja Rd police station.

She therefore directed summoned the officers and ordered them to recover the money and pay it back to the suspect.

Below is the list of officers directed by court to refund the suspect’s money and their statements put on police records:

D/SP.Gimei Topher Nakoko was the regional CID commander Kampala east by the time he took shs 300000 on 14th/02/2020.  He has since been transffered to CID Headqauters and appointed AG Commissioner Economic crimes.

D/SP.Muhumuza Benard the current CID Commander Kampala metroplitan took shs 500000 on 07th /12/2018 when he was the Regional CID commander Kla east before being appointed Kmp  CID Boss.

ASP.Mpumuzibwe Medard took shs 200000 on 12/10/2019 when he was the officer in charge of operations at Jinja Rd police station.

Other offices who have been ordered to refund the money are AIP.NABET M  who took shs 100,000 on 15th/04/2019 and again took shs 520,000 on 25th/09/2018  , D/IP.Wabiri took shs 100,000 on 12th /11/2018, D/AIP Llokotam Mamuel took shs 275000 on 06/11/2018 and lastly D/ AIP OBUA SAM took shs 150,000 on 19th /09/2019.


The total money that the suspect had kept as an exhibit that  was taken by CID officers totals shs 4,810.000.




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