Amuriat Re arrested Immediately After Release


Police in Katwe are holding in custody FDC presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat Oboi.

Luke Owesigire the Police spokesperson wrote on his twitter handle, “Police at Katwe are holding presidential candidate Partrick Amuriat  for doing a neglect act likely to cause an infection of a disease and deliberately blocking traffic at the busy Nateete Ndeeba road, while deliberately other road users.”

Amuriat was re-arrested today immediately after being released on a non cash bail from Mpigi Central Police Station where he spent a night. He was on his way going home.

POA was intercepted in Mengo and his car impounded and was later put in the police car.

The police accuse Amuriat of doing a neglect act likely to cause an infectious disease of covid19.

Amuriat has been released on a non cash bail of 10million from Mpigi police where he was charged with a traffic offence of sitting on top of the vehicle centrally to the traffic rules.


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