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Besigye Dumped At His Home

Police has driven back Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye from Nagalama police station in Mukono back to his home in Kasangati Wakiso district.

He was driven to his home by a group of police officers driving in the infamous black van for police.
Kizza Besigye had been arrested and driven to Nagalama Police station.

Thursday morning, Besigye woke up to find his house surrounded by police and police cars both at the front and back gate. When he tried to leave using the back gate, he was asked to get into the pickup there.

Besigye then tried to leave his house using the main entrance but police were stationed there with a police van.

He was reportedly heading to Gulu district to attend a court martial session which was hearing a case against MP Robert Kyagulanyi on possessing illegal fire arms.

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