Bobi Wine Faces Court Martial Over Illegal Bullet Proof Vest

Presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine who also doubles as the President for National Unity Platform (NUP) may soon be arrested and charged before Military Court Martial for putting in body armours without military Clarence, Spyreports has exclusively established.

Bobi wine today shocked the Nation when images of him and other NUP supporters donning military body armours linked to the social media before heading off for his presidential campaigns in Eastern Region.

Security sources told us that after his pictures donning on military Armours linked, operatives attached to Chieftaincy of Military intelligence (CMI) and those from department of crime intelligence in police started investigating under what circumstances did Bobi Wine acquire body Armours without security clearance.

Bobi wine and his team in Magere before they set off his campaigns today.

“Any body to put on military body Armours must seek clearance from the Military or police and failure to do so faces court martial,” says an intelligence chief adding that body Armours are preserved for military.

Another source attached to police crime intelligence department told us that during the security meeting that held and chaired by Gen Sabiit Muzeyi the Deputy Inspector General of Police raised the same issue and investigations are going.

“We were informed that Bobi wine and his team have got explosives which they intend to use in case they loose election but we are also watching them,” he adds.

When contacted AIGP Edward Ochom the Director operations in Police about clearing Bobi wine to put on Body Armours he said police did not clear him.

“What I can say is that he was not cleared but have also not seen him putting on body Armours,” he says.
He added if we have pictures of him donning boby Armours, we can forward to him as he consults for more information.

We forwarded to him pictures but by press time he had responded back to us.
Efforts to get a comment from UPDF and CMI were futile as UPDF spokesperson could not pick our calls.

During his presidential campaigns in Kibuku district today said Bobi wine said “You’ve seen enough of Kyagulanyi, now let me give you some Bobi Wine. When they shot at my car many people thought I should halt the campaign. I’m a double-edged sword, I now come to you as Bobi Wine”.

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