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Budget, Inadequate Manpower Remain Police Problem

Outgoing Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj Gen Sabit Muzeyi has pointed to two critical challenges of inadequate Budget and Manpower as the major problem facing the Uganda police force.

Gen Sabit while handing over office to Maj Gen Peter Lokech said that police need adequate budgeting if their operations are to be seen and viewed by everyone.

“The institution has two major challenges of inadequate Budget and Manpower which has hampered its operations and there making it hard to eliminate criminality in the country, “reads part of Gen Sabit’s handing over-report.

Gen Sabit added that however inadequate budget and manpower, the institution has achieved many successful operations in his two years and ten months he has been in office.

“I was appointed the Deputy Inspector General of Police by the President and Commander in Chief on 4th March 2018 and took over office on 19th March and today it is exactly 2years, 10 months and two days of serious work and the results are encouraging,” adds Gen Sabit.

Sabit added that he came to office at height of kidnaps, gun crime, attacks on investors, and violent crimes but he managed to end them in 2018.

Sabit also revealed how 10 organized criminal syndicates were busted and ended in 2019. We in total defeated 87 organized criminals that were targeting factories whose 52 cases are in Courts of law.

Sabit added that 304 guns were recovered and 3819 rounds of ammunition in several operations countrywide in two years of his office in the police.

“General crime has also been deliberately and effectively tackled through well-selected, planned and targeted operations,” said Gen Sabiti.

From the analysis done by police, the biggest contributor to the crime was theft. This is because 25.8% of all the cases reported in 2019 were attributed to theft. That is why we targeted markets of stolen items (shops and garages).

As a result, a 9.2% decrease in the theft of mobile phones, 4.4% decrease in theft of motor vehicles, 7.8% decrease in the theft of motorcycles, 7.8% decrease in breakings, 7% decrease in burglary, 8% decrease in robberies, were registered.

We also targeted profiled hardcore criminals known to operate in the various parts of the country especially Kampala Metropolitan. A number of them were arrested and in partnership with the JLOS partners, they are being prosecuted in the courts of law.

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