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Bunyoro Kingdom Rejects Hoima DPC Over Bishop Kaggwa Beating

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom has rejected the deployment of Mwine Alex as the new DPC for Hoima District following the beating of Bishop Kaggwa and other Mbogo clan people in Mityana recently.

Mwine Alex was transferred from Mityana District to Hoima after several People including the Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga called for his punishment.

While addressing the media this afternoon, the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Prime Minister Owek Andrew Byakutaga says the Kingdom rejects the deployment of Mwine because has a record of questionable discipline.

Mwine was implicated in the teargasing Mbogo clan members including senior religious leaders who had gathered in Mityana district last week.

The above actions caused widespread condemnation from members of the public which prompted Police to make a public apology.

The Prime Minister informed the media that he has written to the IGP requesting him to rescind the transfer of Mwine to Hoima and instead deploy befitting disciplined officers.