Bushenyi Woman MP Seat Divides NRM

A Serious battle has erupted in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) the ruling party as top Central Executive Members (CEC) who were recently elected divided over who should take the NRM Flag in the coming election, Spyreports has exclusively learnt.

The battle for Bushenyi Woman Member of Parliament is between Hon Mary Karoro Okurut the Minister for General Duties in the office of Prime Minister who is also the incumbent and Annet Mugisha Katusiime the wife to Executive Director of National Water and Sewage Cooperation.

According to Information obtained by spyreports, CEC Members were over the weekend divided over who should take the seat. Sources say some members backed up Karoro while others seconded Annet Mugisha.

“Okurut has eaten enough and she is growing older and yet we need youth who can drive Bushenyi further so for that matter NRM should support Annet Mugisha who can battle out with any opposition leader that will emerge,” says one of the CEC Members.

However, other members who are loyal to Karoro Okurut and city tycoon Bassajjabalaba refused the idea of fronting Annet Mugisha and urged Okurut should take the lead.

“Who knows Annet Mugisha in Bushenyi and what has she done to Bushenyi. We should allow Okurutu who knows people from grass root to the top level to lead NRM in the general elections. But if we allow Annet Mugisha to lead NRM we shall lose the ground to opposition,” another member says.

Sources say the meeting ended in chaos and each group vowed to support their candidate. “The NRM Elections are not far, its just 4th which is next week, voters will decide,” another CEC member told us.

NRM members say Karoro Okurut’s group is headed by tycoon Hassan Bassajjabala while Annet Mugisha is headed by tycoon Canon Yorokam Bashasha. Sources added that the two fighting groups held a parallel press Conference at Bushenyi and Ishaka respectively.

Annet Mugisha team accused tycoon Bassajjabalaba for bribing voters and dividing NRM Supporters ahead of the coming NRM Primaries.

While responding to allegations, raised by Bashasha Sulaiman Byekwaso and Eldard Karukiko, Bassajjabala said he was not bribing voters but he was fulfilling his unfulfilled pledges that he promised some villages in 2016 elections.

However, some people questioned why he decided to pay his pledges at the time of elections. “He knew he had pledges to pay since 2016 and why didn’t he pay them before,” says a support of Mugisha.

“That is not true, am not dividing NRM voters but am just guiding them as their NRM district Chairman,” says Bassajjabalaba.

Bassajabalaba said that he is a peaceful man and there is no way he can promote violence in these elections as alleged by Annet Mugisha’s team.

He  noted that Bashasha and the team cannot impeach him as they are threatening because none of them is part of the district executive.

The tycoon further bragged how he is the biggest land lord in Bushenyi therefore cannot steal the small piece of land on which Ishaka mosque seats on as claimed by Byekwaso.

He added that he was not the one who suspended Byekwaso from the mosque but it was an order from the Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Mubajje.

Three people in Ishaka were last evening injured in a scuffle by both supporters of Annet Mugisha and Mary Karooro Okurut and are admitted in different health facilities in Ishaka town.


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