Cancel Village Travels and Use Xmas Holiday for Medical Check-up, Min Nabakooba

The Minister of ICT and National Guidance Judith Nabakooba has urged Ugandans to cancel village travels and instead use this Christmas holiday to go and do a medical check-up.

According to Nabakooba, the best way to share the love this season is by everyone staying at home and following the guidelines against COVID-19.

“You can celebrate with them by calling and using the available Mobile Money options instead of risking yours and their health,” says Nabakooba.

She added that everyone should use the holiday season for personal care and protection.

Nabakooba said that instead of traveling around visiting friends and relatives, use this time to have a complete medical checkup. Get to know your blood pressure situation including other conditions such as diabetes and HIV status especially the men.

This is because we currently have about 27,071 cases of COVID and 220 deaths and the numbers continue to grow every day.

Given the COVID-19 situation, we are advised to cancel the traditional Christmas and end of year travels to our villages because the majority of the elderly people in the villages are already vulnerable.

Nabakooba reminded the public to continue following all the measures such as wearing masks and social distancing because winning against COVID-19 is now an individual matter.

According to her government has done its part in terms of increasing the capacities of our hospitals and educating people on COVID-19.

The responsibility is now onto everyone to put into place what has been learned because a majority are not doing as instructed.



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