CID Boss AIGP Akullo Swears Affidavit in Gen Tumukunde Court Case

The Director In charge of Criminal Investigations Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Grace Akullo has today sworn in a affidavit before high court and is ready to take on Presidential hopeful and former Security Minister Gen Henry Tumukunde in courts of law.

General Tumukunde is challenging police and attorney General for charging him of meeting veterans and discuss electoral issues.

Below we reproduce the full affidavit sworn in my AIGP Grace Akullo.

That I am a female adult Ugandan of sound mind, serving at the rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police and currently the Director of Criminal Investigations in the Uganda Police Force and to swear this affidavit in that capacity.

That I have read and understood the contents of Misc. Cause No,  231 of 2020 and the supporting affidavit of Lt. Gen.(Rtd) Henry Tumukunde to which I respond hereto.

That I know that I received numerous intelligence reports that the Applicant was engaging and meeting with Army Veterans at that his office and residence in Kololo and discussing ways in which to disrupt the ongoing electoral process in Uganda.

That as a result of these intelligence reports, I directed that a general inquiry file under CID HQTRS GEE 787/2020 be open  in order to comprehensively look into these matters.

That I know that subsequently I summoned the Applicant for an interview and to record his statement at the criminal investigations directorate headquarters in Kibuli on the 19/ August 2020.

That on the 19th August 2020 one of the lawyers Mr. Friday Roberts Kagoro from M/S and company advocates appealed for the neglecting without the Applicant and informed myself and my team that the Applicant could not appear as summoned he was unwell and secondly was getting ready a Court appearance the following day. Further, his Lawyer did undertake to make sure that his avails himself   the interview on 25th  August 2020 at 09;00 Hours.

That on 25th August 2020, the Applicant’s Lawyers led my Friday Roberts Kagoro and Anthony Wameli came to the criminal investigations directorate headquarters in Kibuli at 09;00 hours without the Applicant and served us with a letter informing me that they take exception to the Police summons have informed the Chairperson of the Electoral commission of the disruption of their client’s consultative programs by Uganda  Police.

That I know that our actions are in line with the 1995 Constitution and the Uganda Police Act Cap, 303 and the Applicant is seeking  to halt police investigations into these serious matters alleging that  are breaching his  constitutional rights to personal liberty. Freedom of expression. Thought, conscience and belief equality and freedom from expression, right to participate in the affairs of Government and freedom of association.

That I am informed by my lawyers from the Attorney General’s chambers that the Applicant has no prima faice case with any probability of success as the Uganda Police Force is carrying out its constitutionally mandate in accordance with the Law.

That I swear this affidavit to oppose the orders sought in this application.

That Whatever I have stated herein above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge save for what it is based on information tile  source whereof is herein disclosed.


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