CID Boss’ Troubles Deepen, Dragged to DPP Over Illegal Prosecution, Detention

The officer In Charge of Criminal Investigations at Katwe Police Station ASP Rukundo Gloria might be serving her last days in office after she was dragged to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) by city Doctor Mayanja Dan for illegal prosecution and detenion, Spyreports has established.

According to document obtained by Spyreports, Dr Mayanja dragged CID Boss Rukundo Gloria to DPP through his lawyer John Matovu of Matovu &Matovu Company Advocates.


Dr Mayanja in his petition says that 21 July he was detained by Rukundo beyond 48 hours yet he was of advanced age. Yesterday, Spyreports broke a story how Dr Mayanja dragged Rukundo and Karage to PSU for illegal arrest and investigations were being conducted.

During an exclusive interview with Dr Mayanja, he says in July this year, Mengo Court issued an interim order for his brother Wilson Kasumba for the custody of his two Children pending the final ruling of the main suit which was due 21st August 2020.

Dr Mayanja says that his brother Wilson Kasumba had earlier asked Court to give him the custody of his children from their mother Asha Komugisha. Kasumba alleges that Komugisha was involved in night activities and could have less or no time to attend to children especially at night.

“This woman comes late at home and she is always drunk, she stays near the lodge and I feel she has no time to stay with my children. So I ask Court to consider giving me full rights to stay with my children for proper up bringing,” says Kasumba in his affidavit to Court.

He further says that Komugisha had also threatened to take his children to Rwanda since she has a Rwandanese origin.

Dr Mayanja adds that Court considered his allegations and temporarily allowed him to take custody of his Children.

Mayanja says that on the fateful day when the order was issued, his son and his lawyer came to serve the wife and pick the Children but she was not found at home. “The children were later taken as ordered by Court,” says Mayanja.

He added that when Komugisha returned from her night activities, she found when Children were not at home and without further inquires she called Karega who has personal relationship not known to the family and advised her to go to Katwe Police Station and open up a case of Child Abduction against Mayanja and his son.

Mayanja says later him and his son were called to report to Katwe Police Station which they did. Upon arrival, they were arrested on orders of Karega and Rukundo. “While at Police, I showed Karega and Rukundo an interim court order which gave Kasumba the rights to stay with his Children until Court determines the final matter on 21st August 2020,” he says during an interview.

Mayanja further stated that Rukundo said that the Court Order brought before her was forged from Nasser and failed to acknowledge it. “After rejecting the Court order she instructed the police officer who was handling our file to put us in Custody. However the Investigating officer advised her that it would be wrong to arrest people when there is a court order,” says Mayanja.

He added that Karega who has a private relationship with Komugisha signed on the detention order and arrested him and his son and spent over three days in Custody.

Dr Mayanja says that Rukundo went ahead and inquired from Mengo Court if they issued interim Court Order giving Kasumba powers to take his Children and she was informed that the order was genuine. However having been informed that the Court order was genuinely issued by Mengo Court giving Kasumba rights to his Children, Rukundo connived with Makindye State Attorney Noah Kunya and sanctioned the file.

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