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CID Needs An Average Of 2.1 Million To Investigate One Capital Offense – Otafiire

By Chief Spy Reporter

Yesterday, Police presented its budget framework paper for FY 2022/23 to the Parliamentary Committee on Defence & Internal Affairs.

Some of the issues presented by the Internal Affairs minister Kahinda Otafiire included the performance of the ministry in the 2021/22 financial year 2022/23.

According to Otafiire, there is continued construction of 7 staff apartments at Naguru.  The Police procured 1,380 uniports, replaced while CCTV footage supported 3,369 cases and 7 regional call centres were operationalized.

Apart from the above, the police also trained 5,205 Probation Police Constables in specialized courses, reviewed pension and salary pay rolls, maintained Air wing Center, Jinja and disrupted terror cells. Others are: the police conducted 393 animal thefts operations and recovered a total of 7,128 stolen animals, arresting 386 suspects.

Under Traffic, the directorate penalised 173,882 motorists and collected 9 ,943,100, 000 in fines. 6,307 canine tracking led to arrest of 2,924 suspects out of which 700 convictions were secured.

Under the Emerging Policy Issues, there is Amendment of the Police Act to provide for electronic evidence, Amendment of Firearms Act, Narcotics & Psychotropic substances Act, POMA, Amendment of the Police Standing Orders and Restructuring of the Force while areas of persistent supplementary requests that need addressing are Police accommodation, feeding, Criminal Investigations-the force needs an average of 2.1m to investigate a capital offence, Procurement, repair & maintenance of cars, Utilities (-electricity, water & telecom)

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