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City Lawyer Nangumya Suspended from court over 60m Theft

The Law Council has suspended a top city lawyer Godfrey Nangumya, a senior partner in Nangumya and company advocates for two years without practicing.

Nangumya’s client Emmy Umwine on November 24, 2017  dragged him to Uganda law council accusing him of stealing his shs 60m.

In their ruling, Law council noticed that. “This committee (has) observed that the habit of Advocates putting client’s money to their own use is on the high which gives a bad name to the profession. In this case, the respondent Nangumya has been found to have acted unprofessional in this regard by retaining client’s money, preventing client to access his own money for over three years, and having found to have put it to his own use since he could not even produce it when directed to deposited it with law council for custody –acts for which he is not apologetic about’ this is a typical case of impunity and needs to be given a heavy sanction as a deterrent to such conduct and to teach a lesson to all those who may be contemplating doing likewise.

Nangumya failed to respect that law council directives, is now panelized as follows

He is suspended from practicing for a period of 2 years –less the time he has so far served for during the interlocutory suspension earlier imposed pending the hearing of this matter.

“We hope the errant Advocate shall use this time for self-reflection and assessment with a view to reform on his conduct as an Advocate,” the judgment read in part.

A five member committee of the Law Council wrote to chief justice notifying him about their decision and all court registrars in Uganda were notified.

His means that Nangumya is barred from accessing any court premises as an advocate until his punishment is done.


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