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CMI Probe Police Drivers Over Deliberate Accidents

A team of detectives attached to Chieftaincy of military intelligence (CMI) have started investigating some police drivers after information linked they internationally cause accidents on opposition supporters during riots and political campaigns in Kampala and other areas, Spy reports has exclusively learnt.

Intelligence sources say CMI launched investigations on police drivers after Gen Abel Kandiho held a secret meeting with police chief Martin Okoth Ochola and CID boss AIGP Grace Akullo and shared information.  Sources further added that during the meeting, they agreed that Professional Standards Unit (PSU), which handles indiscipline police officers, should also carry out investigations on the same matter.

Inside sources from CMI say police drivers who are under serious probe drive heavy police trucks like Lorries, armored vehicles, tear gas, water canons vehicles among others. “These drivers deliberately knock opposition supporters during riots and campaigns to damage the image of police and the entire government,” says a source from CMI

“We have gotten intelligence that a section of police drivers support opposition groups and whenever they are ordered to calm the situation, they international make accidents to disorganize our planned operations,” another security source reveals to us.

Security sources say that more than six police vehicles have been involved in accidents ever since campaigns started but  to our surprise , no police driver or the crew members has even sustained an injury on their bodies meaning that accidents are caused deliberate.

“Can you imagine, we haven’t seen any police driver or their crew members sustaining even minor injuries in all the vehicles that have involved  accidents ever since campaigns began, an indication that the drivers deliberately make these accidents to disable our operations,” another spy who asked not to be revealed told us.

Intelligence sources say CMI is also investigating other police commanders over their operational mistakes that discredit the image of both security forces and the entire government.




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