Commercial Court Stuck With Shs 4 Trillions

The Uganda Commercial Court, which handles business and financial cases has revealed that it is stuck with unheard cases totaling to shs over 4 trillions which is almost quarter of Uganda’s budget, Spyreports has established.

Hon Justice Henry Adonya who heads Commercial Division of high Court revealed the information that shocked the business sector. Justice Odonya says the pending cases beginning from December 2019 totals to shs over 4 trillions.

The legal mind Judge further revealed to Spyreports that by close of 2019, the pending cases were at 4670 but they have now increased to 5454 totaling to shs over 4 trillion.

“The over stay of cases is a result of little funds that commercial Court receives,” he says.

He further said that Commercial Court receives funding from government and Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS). “These funds are used for case management, welfare of staff and office up keep,” he says adding that the funds are not enough with needs of the division which are large given the high number of cases registered and need quick disposal.

He further states that the transfer and retirement of judges has also made it possible for case backlog.

Justice Adonya revealed that despite having serious lockdown, Commercial court managed to dispose off over 1100 cases. He says the total value of disposed off cases since 2020 are estimated around 212,020 totaling to shs 2.7 trillions.


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