Court Issues Arrest Warrant Against Turkish Construction Firm Boss

Nakawa court has issued an arrest warrant against Country Manager of a Turkish construction company operating in Uganda.

Mehmet Ozgur Bilir is accused of trafficking in person, malicious damage and causing grievous harm to Fred Arim, an I.T specialist. Arim had provided a service to the company but upon asking for his pay, he was instead beaten up by Bilir and his gadgets damaged.

Against the above background, he was dragged to Bugolobi Police and later Nakawa Court from where he was freed under unclear circumstances even after he had been remanded. Last week, Arim petitioned the Inspector of Courts over the matter. Following that, Sarah Lwanga wrote to Nakawa Chief Magistrate demanding answers to circumstances under which Bilir was released. She also ordered for a probe into the conduct of Grade I Magistrate Irene Akello who presided over the matter.

Now, responding Lwanga, Nakawa Chief Magistrate Akullo Elizabeth Ogwal says that an arrest warrant has been issued against Bilir. Akullo added that the case has been allocated to Nahirya Esther for further management after disposal of the fresh bail hearing.

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