COVID-19: Security arrests 56 Drunkards in Ntinda, Bunga Bars

Police and UPDF arrested 56 Drunkards  from Nomads Bar in Bunga and in another apartment in Ntinda in a joint security operation that was carried last night.

The operation was carried out after security got intelligence that a section of drunkards have been gathering in both places and drink the whole night while playing loud music that would even inconvenience the residents that would be sleeping.

The deputy police spokesperson Kampala metropolitan Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed the arrest of 56 drunkards and said that they will all appear in court and be charged.

“It’s true we carried out a joint security operation with our sister security agencies and arrested scores of drunkards that were found in bars past curfew time and also while not obeying the social distance, “says Luke Owoyesigyire.

Owoyesigire added that 49 drunkards including the owner of the bar Fred Kamau and his 8 managers were arrested at Nomads Bar in Bunga and are currently detained at kabalagala police station while 07 drunkards were arrested from an apartment in Ntinda Balintuma village near Firidina Rd.

The suspects were arrested on allegations of disobedience Lawful orders and also doing a negligent act likely to spread and infection of a disease

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