CP Nuwabine on duty

CP Nuwabine Bounces Back as a Traffic Boss

The Inspector General of police Martin Okoth Ochola has reappointed commissioner of police CP Lawerance Nuwabine as the new director traffic and road safety . He has replaced Bazil Mugisha who has been in acting position.

Mugisha was temporary appointed acting Director of traffic after President Museveni refused to renew the contract of Dr. Stephen Kasiima former traffic boss.

Bazil Mugisha has been transferred  to police headquarters in Naguru and appointed head of curriculum.

Nonsense Nuwabine  was raised to fame for having fought Drink Drive in Kampala commonly known as ‘Kawunyemu’ . He also fought impunity in traffic where he arrested and charged top mafias and high government officials with out fear or favor.

Nuwabine also installed discipline among top state house officials who thought had the right of way on the road. He was however  put on ‘katebe’ after a group of mafias concocted false information against him  and forwarded it to the president who also directed former IGP Kale Kayihura to take action against him.

Kayihura who was in bad books with Nuwabine could not investigate as directed by the president but rather  put him on’ katebe’ for close to five years.

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