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Crime Intelligence Comb East Region, 5 Arrested Over Stolen Vehicles

Over ten stolen vehicles have been recovered by special operations unit of police.
The cars were stolen from drivers and have been hidden in different suburbs of Mbale, Tororo and other parts of Eastern region.

Police spokesperson in charge of CID SP Vicente Senate says that these vehicles were found hidden in garages and houses in places such as Mbale town, Kamonkoli, Budaka, Iganga and Jinja.

The recovered cars had been stolen in the last two months from luwero, Kampala and Wakiso.
Over 5 people were also arrested including one Hasan Mukwaya, Moses Sekayigo, Seter Sempala, Muhamoood Dungu and Siraje Kawuke .

“Crime Intelligence registered complaints from the owners of these vehicles and started investigations that included deploying covert officers at strategic places until we recovered some of them. The recoveries are here at CPS Mbale and others are being kept at other stations,” Sekate said.

The motor vehicles include a Toyota Hiace registration number UAP 645Z white in colour that was recovered from Mbale, a Toyota Premio Noah, spacio, harrier and Rav 4.

“These vehicles had been hidden inside washing bays while others were concealed in garages and homes. Motor vehicles are often stolen from streets, outside places of entertainment, supermarkets and office buildings,” Sekate added.

In April, police exposed tricks used by thugs to steal vehicles that included duplication of car keys, deliberate accidents, duplicated number plates and car break-ins.

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