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DFCU Bank Employee Runs Away with shs60m Customers’ Savings

Police at Kampala Central police station are holding an employee of the embattled DFCU bank for stealing shs 61m belonging to bank depositors.
The suspect has been identified as Ben Mugwanya a teller at DFCU branch located Ben Kiwanuka Street in Kampala.
According Leonard Byambara the dfcu head of internal audit department, on May 8th 2018, the bank received a report from the branch manager Kikuubo branch about the incident in which Mugwanya stole UGX 55, 49000 and that he had been arrested and handed over to police.
He says the bank internal audit carried out an investigation following a complaint by Kikubbo branch manager one Joseph Kabuye.

It is indicated that Mugwanya on the fateful day prepared a potting voucher sending the money to the vault and loaded the denominations on the posting journal so that it could total to UGX 76880500 despite the fact that he only had Ugx 21,184500 physical cash in the fill.
Mugwanya is also reported to had updated the running cash register for tellers with the same amount Ugx 74880550/-

“When he handed over the money to ben Kiwanuka extension head Mrs. Robina Amanyire, she discovered that the notes were few after counting note by note she discovered that the notes were only Ugx 21164500 leaving the deficit of shs 55,696000/” Byambara says.
When Amanyire asked Mugwanya the whereabouts of the money, he told her that he had shortage but when Amanyire attempted to call Kikubbo branch manager, Mugwanya stopped her and requested that he should be given two days to bring the money which request was declined.

Byambara says that when Amanyire declined the request, Mugwanya became stubborn and attempted to fight them. He also attempted to run after beating the security guard but was chased by the public who handed him over to police.
Police says inquiries are still ongoing to recover the money and have Mugwanya prosecuted before courts of law.

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