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Divisive Politics Can Put Our Country In Danger – Museveni

President Museveni has warned politicians against divisive politics based on tribe, religion, or gender saying this can put the country in danger.
“Politics in this country was in turmoil because the politicians were focusing on the politics of religion, tribe, and gender chauvinism. This is the wrong path, which if you get lost in you will not survive. Politics is not a game or a joke, if handled badly, it can put the nation in danger,” he said.
The President was addressing leaders and youth from the districts of Mubende, Kyankwanzi, Kiboga, Kasanda, and Mityana district during a scientific campaign meeting in greater Mubende, Buganda sub-region.
The President re-echoed the need for leaders to desist from divisive politics and focus on helping solve the needs of the people.
Candidate Museveni urged the NRM Political and youth leaders that during their mobilization, they must remind the people of the peace, development, and investment that the NRM government has brought about since it’s coming into power and the transformation the country has undergone.
“I want you to know that the NRM has used wisdom to return peace and thrive Uganda’s economy. Therefore, there is nothing that can defeat us. We have faced many challenges which we defeated,” he said.
On the issue of small markets in the region, President Museveni noted that with East African Integration and Africa becoming united, it was possible to widen the market and develop the regions. Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is due to be operationalized and will be the world’s largest free trade area by a number of countries once it’s fully up and running.
After years of talks, the goal is to establish a single market for goods and services across 54 countries, allow the free movement of business travelers and investments, and create a continental customs union to streamline trade – and attract long-term investment.
“One of the most important needs of the people in the market which we must focus on. I talked to Magufuli and Kenyatta and they will help us with the sugar surplus in Uganda,” he said.
To the youths, President Museveni informed them that they must desist from making politics their source of livelihood, but rather set up businesses such that they can be able to stand independently and be well financially.
Commenting on the youth and women mobilization materials to support the campaigns, Museveni noted that some leaders of the NRM party had met and had considered giving them support.
“I met with Central Executive Committee in Masindi and we agreed to complement and support women and youth in their NRM structures. We shall do this in the different districts and give a little facilitation for things like transport and lunch during the mobilization,” he said.
Vice-Chairperson of NRM of Central region, Mr. Kiwanda Godfrey appreciated President Museveni for the good road network and pledged support, mobilization and to massively vote for the NRM government
In a joint memorandum presented by Honorable Namugwanya Bennah, Minister of State for Kampala, the district leaders appreciated President for the new agricultural equipment such as tractors in Mubende, and Mityana, adding that agricultural seedlings like coffee had been received in plenty in the region.
She also thanked the party for the bicycles given to the NRM LCI chairpersons which she said would be very helpful in mobilization.
She noted that the districts of Kasanda and Kiboga were also grateful for the Health Centre 3 facilities which had improved the health of the people and grateful for the government schools that were being constructed. She reiterated that the Kiboga district was grateful for the vocational schools that had been set up for the skill development of their youths.

She requested President Museveni to consider setting up industrial parks to spur development and for youth employment.
On the challenges faced by the people in the region, she cited the problem of land eviction and noted that there was the need to add more funding in the district so as to deal with the issues.
On agriculture, she noted there was the need to work on the quality of their agricultural products to reduce the fake ones that have affected their productivity.
In a joint memorandum presented by the NRM youth Chairperson of the Mubende Municipality, Lubega Sadaam, the youth leaders assured President Museveni of 100% support and appreciated him for the emyooga program.
“Some say that the President has no youths still supporting him but for us, we are still here supporting the NRM…for us the youth of greater Mubende, we believe in the youth empowerment and development, not homosexuality or identity,” he said.
Later, Candidate Museveni was presented with gifts and also a drum to call for NRM support in the Buganda region. On arrival at Mubende Mayor’s gardens, he was received by Buganda Region Vice Chairperson, Godfrey Kiwanda, Ministers Ruth Nankabirwa, Bena Namugwanya, and youth representatives.

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