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DPP in Fear of Losing Over 40 High Profile Cases After Theft of Suspects’ Money in CID’s Office at Katwe

Investigators in the office of the Director public prosecution “DPP” are in a  fear of how they are going to lose over 40 capital offenses after the suspects’ money which was to be used  against them as exhibits in courts was stolen in the office of the head criminal investigations department at Katwe police station.

On Monday, money worth over shs 80M kept as exhibits was stolen from the office of the head criminal investigations department at Katwe police station by unknown people after breaking the office.

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According to our spies at Katwe police station, the stolen money was for different suspects with different charges but most of them with high profile cases.

“We don’t know how we are going to prosecute these suspects because most of them are on high profile cases of these recent kidnaps, murders, aggravated robberies and we had recovered the money that was placing most of them to their scenes of crime,” says one of the top investigators.

Our spies told us that Director CID AIGP Grace Akullo has since taken over the investigations and instructed acting commissioner General crime Francis Olugu to get to the bottom of the investigations and give her a report.

Un answered questions in that case

Our spies who are amongst the top investigators raised many questions to us that include, why the exhibit money for suspects are kept in the office of the CID,?  Why the said stolen money wasn’t be kept in the Records office under CID, ?  Is it the mandate of the head investigations to keep exhibits in her office,?  Whom does she share with the office keys,? How did people who stole money know that she had money inside her office,?  Why didn’t the whole cabin which had other things get burnt but only the place where money was  got burnt,?

Our spies also told us how ACP Olugu and his team spent the whole of yesterday at Katwe police station and ended by arresting one investigator Abdul Karim the in charge CID records at Katwe police.

Investigators have not yet established what was the cause of the fire as some say people used paraffin, others say, petrol but the question still remain who keeps the office keys and how was it planned.

When contacted for a comment, Patrick Onyango the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, said the matter has been taken over by CID directorate and referred us to PRO CID Charles Twiine.

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