Eight Footballers Perish In Abim Accident



Residents and families in Abim District have been thrown into endless tears after receiving shocking information about the death of eight football players that perished in a road accident.
According to information obtained by spyreports, the players died after. A lorry they were travelling failed to pick up another gear while climbing a serious hill.

“The driver of Lorry tried to put another powerful gear while climbing the serious hill and it refused which forced the lorry to back slide several times,” say an eye witness.

He added that the lorry over turned several times backwards and killing all players at spot.
Other eye witnesses told us that information quickly reached President Museveni who sent a UPDF chopper to pick the dead bodies and the far survivors to the hospital.

However we could not get information from the Authorities as they had not reached the scene of crime by press time.

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