ACP Namuwoza

Ex-Gen. Kayihura Aides Eat Big In Museveni Promotions

Aides of former IGP, Gen Kale Kayihura are some of the beneficiaries of police promotions whose list emerged yesterday.

Internal Affairs Minister Gen Kahinda Otafiire said yesterday that 770 officers had been promoted.

These included those promoted to the position of Assistant Inspector General of Police.

However, a critical look at the list shows that actually, Gen Kayihura’s loyalists benefitted the more.

The beneficiaries:

I'm not under arrest - Ex- Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Frank  Mwesigwa - Matooke Republic

Frank Mwesigwa, promoted to SCP

Denis Namuwooza, promoted to CP


Norman Musinga, promoted to ACP.

SSP Ezekiel Emitu to eat big in new police shakeup - Eagle Online

Ezekiel Emitu, promoted to ACP.

Kafeero, promoted to SCP.

Bettina (Left), promoted to SSP.


IGP Kayihura recalls Ruhweza to Kampala | Monitor


Ruhweza, promoted to CP.

Police Resorts to Megaphones to Popularise Presidential Directive :: Uganda  Radionetwork

Mwebaza David, promoted.






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