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Express FC, Betway Seal Sponsorship Deal

Betway has joined Express FC sponsorship deal for this season after reaching a mutual agreement after two weeks of negotiations.

Chairperson of Express FC Hajji Bulwada confirmed to this website that tomorrow at hotel Africana they are signing a contract with Betway to sponsor the team until the season ends.
Club Chairman Kiryowa Kiwanuka has expressed his administration’s readiness for the new Uganda Premier League season.

Betway is Africa’s premier online and mobile soccer betting platform. Founded in 2006.It is renowned for our user-friendly interface and offers competitive odds and exciting promotions throughout the sporting calendar.

Betway Uganda offers a wide variety of sports events like local and international football, boxing, horseracing, athletics and more.

Users create a personal account that’s linked directly to their mobile number.
This means the sports entertainment can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime via the innovative mobile app. Safe online transactions and real time updates ensure that users are always on top of their winning game even while they’re on the move.

The Betway Group has made significant contributions to sports development in Africa.
This includes partnering with major African football clubs like Ashanti Gold (Ghana) and Mathare FC (Kenya).

In Uganda, Betway sponsors basketball, football as well as rugby clubs.
Betway not only provides high-quality kit and gear, but also sponsors the development of new and upgraded training and coaching facilities.

These sponsorships enable football clubs to offer their players and coaches top-class services to further advance their skills.

Betway is the primary sponsor for UK’s West Ham United. The integral partnership between this international football club and African sports teams provides more exchange programmes for players and coaches, alike.

African players get better international opportunities and exposure on a bigger level with the significant inputs that Betway Sports has made. Young and upcoming players are also afforded greater opportunities with Betway’s involvement in sports development within underprivileged areas.

Over the past few years, Betway’s substantial injections into African sports has seen the building of bigger and better equipped training sites and stadiums, refined equipment and playing kits, and more coaching exchanges where coaches are armed with high-quality skills and international standard methods to better serve their home teams.

With Beltway’s multiple entertainment options, incredible services and big cash prizes, users can enjoy all their favorite sports events in one hot spot, in the palm of their hand.
One could fondly suggest that the more you play the more investments and sponsorships Betway is able to make towards sports development.

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