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Family of Murdered Special Hire Driver Demand Justice From Police

The family of the murdered special hire driver Batte Christopher has asked police to fully investigate and establish the death of their person.

The son the late Francis Batte,  asked police to investigate so that they  get justice for the deceased and not just close the case.

The wife to the deceased Catherine Batte said she bid farewell to her husband in the morning as he was leaving for work just like any other day. She says they communicated again at around 5pm but she was surprised by a call she received at around 7:30pm informing her that her husband had been murdered.

Catherine says she went to Bajjo and indeed confirmed that her husband had been murdered.

The DPC of the area Abubaker Misiho visited and examined the scene of crime to help in the investigations.

The special hire driver Batte Christopher was hired by three people yesterday to transport them to Bajjo village. While on the journrey, they strangled and stabbed the him five times on the head and three times on the right hand.

They then bundled his body in the trunk of his vehicle registration number UAY 765H Toyota Premio white in colour.

However,while driving the vehicle away hastily, it got stuck and they had to call people around to help push it back on road.  The people saw blood seeping from the car trunk and asked them what they were carrying, but the suspects didn’t give clear answers.

On opening the car trunk, the body was discovered and immediately mob attacked the suspects injuring one while two escaped in the confusion (a man and a woman).

Police was later informed of the occurrence and went to the scene. It rescued one male suspect and rushed him to CPR a medical Centre in Mukono town for treatment pending interrogation.


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