Police and amuriat

FDC’s Amuriat Dumped in Kyambogo Without Shoes and Documents

The FDC presidential flag bearer Patrick Amuriat Oboi has been arrested and driven straight to Kyambogo grounds by the police ahead of his nomination with out his shoes and documents.

Amuriat was arrested on arrival at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi where he had gone to  join other party leaders from where they planned to move in a procession to Kyambogo.

Police officers intercepted his vehicle and pulled him out before forcing him in a Uganda Police car which took off at a terrific speed.

Amuriat was then later dumped in Kyambogo without his shoes and documents. His seconders and colleagues are expected to join him later.

Amuriat after being dropped off bare foot by the Police at Kyambogo ahead of his nomination. courtesy photo

Relatedly, the FDC party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda was also arrested and whisked away to an unknown destination by the police on his way to the FDC party offices in Najjanankumbi this morning.

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