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Financial Crisis Hits Govt, Reserves Allowances For State House, Defence and EC

As the Country is struggling to hold the tough elections ahead of next year, the Government has been seriously hit by financial crisis and this has forced the government to cut off all allowances of all ministries and other government agencies in order to raise funds for the forthcoming elections, Spy reports has exclusively learnt.

According to the memo issued by government through Ministry of Finance on 11 November, we obtained a copy of, government only reserved allowances for State House, Defence and Electoral Commission which are influential in the forth coming elections.

“Reference is made to a meeting in your office regarding cash flow for November and December,” reads part of the memo.

The memo further reads that due to cash flow, payments should only be made to state house, Ministry of Defence, payments of wages and salaries, statutory obligations and Electoral Commission.

“All other payments should be deferred until further advise from Permanent Secretary who also doubles as secretary to treasury,” the memo reads in parts.

Yesterday we broke a story how ministry of Internal Affairs suspended lunch allowances for workers in the department of citizenship and immigrations.

Our sources from different ministries told us that Government has done injustice to them because they cannot cut all their allowances, imprests that have been running the ministries because of elections.

“Government would have suspended elections until covid 19 is done but not cutting our office allowances and imprests because our ministries have many activities to be done,” says a top source at one of the ministries.


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